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Why Men Fall Asleep After Sex

The science behind why you should get him to get you off (a couple of times) before he does.

A study released by a French medical group reveals that men don’t choose to fall asleep after sex; it’s the way their brains work. After sex, parts of their brain are designed to shut down, which deactivates the rest of the brain from sexual desire.

Now gents, this is not an excuse for falling asleep before making her cum, if anything it makes you more on the hook for making sure she gets hers before you get yours.

A survey of 10,000 adults revealed that 48 percent of men also said they had fallen asleepduring sex.

Also, we advise that you help her climax before that happens. Just sayin.

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Sperm Quality And Quantity Declining, Mounting Evidence Suggests

It appears that sperm counts in developed nations are significantly down over the past 10-15 years. Not only are there fewer little guys per load but the quality of them is also below par. What this means for the quality of the people they turn into, I have no idea but one feel that it can’t be great.

For instance, one sperm bank in Israel says that when it opened its doors 1991, it turned away about a third of the applicants for low quality. Using the same standard today, it would reject more than 80 percent, according to an article in the LA Times. And while the jury is still out on whether there is a real “sperm decline” and what that means for fertility, scientists say if the little swimmers are truly changing, it may be a red flag for harmful environmental toxins or even physiological changes in the human body.

It’s hard to tell what is causing this decline but one cant help but look at the way in which we live in the west and wonder. Perhaps we’ll start paying more attention to our sperm, who knows weather or not they’ll be a canary in the coal mine of greater physiological changes in the species.

“Rapid changes in reproductive function may indicate serious changes in our environment, which may be affecting our health in so far undetectable ways,” said Deonandan. So, while the global decline in sperm quality may not stand up to rigorous testing, “it’s definitely worth taking seriously, since it may open the door to deeper insights into other ways in which changes to our environment, behavior and lifestyles are negatively affecting our biologies.”


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More On Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty: Doctors Are Alarmed By Growing Numbers Of Patients Asking For These Procedures.

This article and the article it references direct our attention once again towards the relatively new practice of vaginal rejuvenation surgeries. The concern is that the doctors who are performing these surgeries are exploiting women’s skewed view of how their vulvas should look.

Porn actresses, according to critics, present women (and men) with a totally unrealistic aesthetic, and, unlike with the data that suggests plastic surgeries such as a nose-job or face-lift can, in certain instances, have social or psychological benefits, no such data exists for gential enhancements. Dr. Iglesia worries that plastic surgeons such as Dr. Miklos are preying on women’s insecurities, which in turn are fostered by an imaginary “perfect” vulva…

We posted a recently a wonderful documentary called The Perfect VaginaIt is a great video that is well worth your time if this topic sparks interest in you. It’s a controversial topic no doubt but we at The “Oh!” Face believe in loving and accepting your bodies and the bodies of others and learning about why your body is great!

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Want More Erotic Dreams? Sleep On Your Stomach.

No wonder… Ever wonder why you have so many (or few) erotic dreams? It could be to do with the way you sleep.

People who sleep on their stomachs are much more likely to experience erotic dreams, a new study from China shows.

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Jane Fonda To Write Sex Ed Book For Teens

Jane Fonda doesn’t want you to make the same mistake she did and not talk to your kids about sex. The 74 year old actress is writing a sex ed book for teens because she’s just as qualified as I am to talk about sex ed (not qualified). But hey isn’t that the point, why should we need qualifications to talk about sex so long as we aren’t spreading bad advice etc. Go Jane, between you and Dan Savage you’re giving all of us unqualified sex ed enthusiasts hope!

“I did very badly as a parent,” Fonda said. “I was not good. I think I was a few years too late. But I didn’t know enough at the time – that it’s not about waiting and then having the quote-unquote big talk. You have to start young, when they’re young, and in an age-appropriate way to begin to talk about things sexual so it’s no big deal.”

Amen sister!

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School Sex Education Doesn’t Seem To Decrease Teen Pregnancy Rates According To British Study

Between 1969 and 2009 teen pregnancy rates pretty much stayed the same despite better and more open sex education in schools.

He refuted the ‘conventional wisdom’ that school-based sex and relationship education (SRE) and access to family planning for young people have had an impact on pregnancy rates despite being central to many policy drives.

‘Standard economic models, however, suggest that the two factors are irretrievably interlinked. Easier access to family planning reduces the effective cost of sexual activity and will make it more likely (at least for some teenagers) that they will engage in underage sexual activity.’

What exactly is underage sexual activity? Anyways, this is an interesting read and raises some important questions about what it is we can do to get young men and women having safer, smarter sex. To be fair, the sex ed I got in school was terrible and practically non-existant so maybe they need to focus on more comprehensive sex ed as well as easy access to family planning. This article is English so I can’t speak personally to the quality of their school sex ed.

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Toyota’s Gender Bending Win!

New Toyota ad plays with your expectations and perhaps asks you to question them.

It’s a novel twist on the old hot chick advertising trope, and while it may have exactly zero to do with why you should buy a car, it has everything to do with the changing way gender is portrayed in advertising. Strashko is the surprise within the ad but, thankfully, he isn’t the punchline of it.

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China Discovers Sex Online as Porn Invades Social Media

It seems as though the Chinese government is having a hard time controlling the internet despite it’s numerous firewalls. More and more Chinese internet users are using social networking sites and GPS based apps to meet sex partners.

The difference is that modern China has embraced social media, and this technological innovation is fueling a sexual revolution the government is unable to stifle. Like their Western counterparts, Chinese are using microblogs and GPS-based apps to learn about sexuality, talk about sex and, yes, hook up.

What’s more is that Chinese “Netizens” are getting a much needed sex education from these social networks and micro-blogs. A fact that we at The “Oh!” Face think is awesome!

Not only has social media given him a cram course in sex education, it’s dispelled the government-touted myth that his countrymen are far more chaste than, say, the Japanese, who are renowned for their myriad, if pixelated, perversions.

If China is going to take a leading role in world affairs I am glad to know that the next generation of Chinese citizens and hopefully leaders will be more and more open sexually.

Both users and analysts see social media as creating a wider space for the discussion of sexuality in China. “Weibo gives people the freedom to express themselves and find others who like the same things,” said Wei Xiaogang, director of the Beijing Gender & Health Education Institute. “The younger generation is much more open. Just log onto Weibo after midnight and you can see everything.”

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17 Shades of Stupid: Cosmo’s Worst BDSM Tips

Once again brings us a delightful collection of Cosmo’s worst sex advice. I swear I didn’t know they were doing this two days ago when I posted their older piece on Cosmo’s 44 Most Ridiculous Sex Tips. I must have just been in tune with the internets. So without further ado here’s a couple that made me laugh. Enjoy.

7. “As you’re riding him, clamp down on his earlobes with your fingers, and pull on them to rock yourself forward and backward.”

8. “Quiz him — what’s your favorite flower, movie, etc. — and if he gets it right, he’s earned ten seconds of oral. Wrong and you drizzle candle wax (use a massage candle, which won’t burn) on his chest.”

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