Why We Should All Calm Down About Period Sex

This is a great little editorial on one woman’s call for people to get over their hangups about period sex! We couldn’t agree more. Life’s too short to not have some good ole period sex, amirite? So put down a towel, roll on a condom and have some sex already!

I think the human body is pretty much the most awesome thing around, and I hope that you, my sexual partners, do too. I don’t get grossed out when you get erections, or ejaculate, or sweat more than I ever thought was possible, even though those are things my body doesn’t do. In my book, those are just some of the many amazing features of your body. When you can recognize that my period is just my body confirming I’m not pregnant (a fact you should be in favor of), you’re giving me that same respect.

Via Role Reboot

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One thought on “Why We Should All Calm Down About Period Sex

  1. This is so true. I love this and wrote about it in a post myself. Thanks so much for sharing it! It was a few months into my relationship when I realized that I was the one being weird about bringing up sex during my period and that my partner didn’t care AT ALL. I’m sure so many other men feel the same. But they can’t be comfortable with our natural bodies if we aren’t.

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