First Non-Hormonal Birth Control For Men Being Developed (and it doesn’t seem to affect sex drive…of mice)

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When mice were administered daily injections of two different doses of JQ1 over a three- or six-week period, they saw at least a 90 per cent decrease in sperm count and at least a 75 per cent decrease in sperm cell motility. The decrease in the sperm count was so substantial at the higher dose that all of the mice became infertile. Importantly, though, within a month or two of stopping the drug treatment, mouse fertility was completely restored.

Well this is AWESOME!

“There was no obvious effect on the mojo of the animals,” says Bradner.

I just like that quote.

Also, if you haven’t heard about this male birth control that is being tested in India, it’s worth checking out. (Via Wired)

Via New Scientist




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