Transgender Basics – Gender Identity Project

This is a great video for anyone with questions about transgender and genderqueer people. Learn even more at Gender Identity Project.

What is gender role? Well it’s essentially a social understanding of how we are, in a gendered sense, in the world. It can be something that we do ourselves, it can also be something that other people see in us. And typically when you have a boy you give the boy trucks, action figures. A girl you might give dolls, sewing kits. These are very gendered decisions.

The relationship between gender and sexual orientation is important to discuss here. A lot of people think that one is the other and vice versa, or people say gay and they often think they’re talking about trans at the same time. I’d like to make a distinction that all gay people are not transgender and all transgender people are not gay. Everybody has both a gender and a sexual orientation.

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