School Sex Education Doesn’t Seem To Decrease Teen Pregnancy Rates According To British Study

Between 1969 and 2009 teen pregnancy rates pretty much stayed the same despite better and more open sex education in schools.

He refuted the ‘conventional wisdom’ that school-based sex and relationship education (SRE) and access to family planning for young people have had an impact on pregnancy rates despite being central to many policy drives.

‘Standard economic models, however, suggest that the two factors are irretrievably interlinked. Easier access to family planning reduces the effective cost of sexual activity and will make it more likely (at least for some teenagers) that they will engage in underage sexual activity.’

What exactly is underage sexual activity? Anyways, this is an interesting read and raises some important questions about what it is we can do to get young men and women having safer, smarter sex. To be fair, the sex ed I got in school was terrible and practically non-existant so maybe they need to focus on more comprehensive sex ed as well as easy access to family planning. This article is English so I can’t speak personally to the quality of their school sex ed.

Via The Daily Mail

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