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What’s On Our Radar 09/30/12

Here’s what we’ve been reading today:

5 Myths About Homosexuality Debunked By Science – The Psychology Of Human Sexuality

What Happens When You Want To Fuck Your Patient And Other Confessions Of A Therapist – Gawker

Apparently it’s not your mom’s fault that she wasn’t nice or nurturing or caring towards you, she just didn’t have the right genes. Research Now Claims There’s A “Mommy Gene” You May Or May Not Have – Jezebel

Everyone’s happy that California Becomes the First State to Ban Creepy ‘Gay-Repair’ Therapies – Jezebel

Really great anti-LGBTQI-bullying ad out of Australia called Is It OK To Be Left Handed?

And finally Tracy Clark-Flory on Finding your kid’s porn – Salon

Que the sound of tabs closing.

Women With Severe Endometriosis May Be Hotter

“Damn girl, you so hot, I bet your uterus is all sorts of fucked up!”

According to a recent Italian study women with really severe endometriosis may also be likely to display traits commonly associated with physical attractiveness. But first: what the heck is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is when the cells from your uterus grow in places other than your uterus. Basically the lining of the womb grows where it shouldn’t, like the fallopian tubes or other parts of the pelvis. The big problem is, it’s this lining that breaks down every month and discharges as menstruation, so if it’s not in the right place then the discharge has nowhere to go and can cause cysts and really really bad cramping. Also it may be significantly harder if not impossible to get pregnant if you suffer from endometriosis.

But hey look on the bright side: You’re probably super hot!

Weird, I know. Scientists think that the gene that is associated with endometriosis is linked with certain physical characteristics that  are often equated with physical attractiveness…at least to the people doing the study. I mean beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, right?

I’m pretty sure what they’re trying to say is that the endometriosis gene displays a certain phenotype (the observable characteristics associated with the gene’s expression) and they’re into it. The scientists are not sure why this is the case but they hypothesize that it may have to do with estrogen. Studies have shown that more attractive women produce more estrogen, and perhaps the higher concentrations of the female sex hormone might be screwing with their uteri.

The increase in physical attractiveness was only noticed in women with really severe rectovaginal endometriosis, not in the women with milder cases. Every cloud? Who knows, this whole study weirded me out a little bit.



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Rates Of Gonorrhea Are Crazy High Cause No One Wants To Wear A Condom During Oral Sex

Gonorrhea is on the rise in the United States. The Center For Disease Control has claimed that three hundred thousand Americans a year contract it. What they are also saying, however, is that a large proportion of these new cases are due to unprotected oral sex.

The symptoms of gonorrhea are varied. Often it hurts or burns to pee or can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, which can cause women to become infertile. But even though the effects are usually felt between the legs, the easiest way to contract gonorrhea is through fellatio. It gets passed through the throat (saliva can break it down so it is not transmittable through cunnilingus and kissing) so unprotected fellatio is a major risk factor for contracting it.

The problem is, who uses condoms during oral sex? The answer: hardly anyone. People just don’t use condoms when giving/getting head. Men think that it will take away from the pleasure they experience and, for whatever reason, this is a good enough excuse to forgo safety. I’ll admit, I’ve never met someone who told me that they used condoms during oral sex. I’ve never used condoms during oral sex. A lot of people who are way majorly sexual health conscious have a total mental block when it comes to oral transmission of STIs. There’s a whole, “It’ll never happen to me,” attitude that a lot of us are guilty of.

But what is going to change to make us all practice safer oral sex? Do the condom manufacturers need to develop special condoms specifically for oral sex. How about using some water based lube inside a slightly bigger condom and a lot of checking to make sure that the condom is on properly throughout the session. I doubt that any of these sound as appealing as condom-less oral sex but not spreading gonorrhea is a pretty appealing thing too.

So again, what will it take to make safer oral sex practices more common place? I don’t really know but something has to change (hint: it might be our attitudes).

Via Jezebel

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More On Vaginal Maintenance, The Dos And Don’ts Of Cleaning Your Nethers

Laci Green does some amazing and informative videos about sex and sexuality and stuff. We luuuurve her here at The “Oh!” Face. The only reason why we don’t like her is because she took the name Sex+ which we think is like one of the most awesome names for a sex positive blog ever.

This is her video about vaginal maintenance. Check it out.

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What’s On Our Radar 09/28/12

So we go through a lot of sex, gender and sexuality stuff on the internet every day and only a portion of it do we condense into the short, punchy little blog posts you’ve come to expect from us. But lots of that stuff is worth checking out. That’s why we’ve decided to periodically share with you what’s on our radar. Enjoy.

Newsflash: Women Really Do Benefit From Contraception – Jezebel

Femme lesbians and bi-sexual women may have a new way of letting other ladies at the grocery store know that they’re queer in Behold, The Femme Flagging Manicure – xojane

Jennifer Bleyer asks if the way society views pedophiles is hindering our ability to stop child abuse in How Can We Stop Pedophiles? Stop Treating Them Like Monsters – Slate

Groundbreaking study finds male DNA in female brains, makes us question how we define gender…again in Male” DNA found in “Female” Brains – Salon

Polyamory in Canada in Polyamory: Exploring the ins and outs of multiple partners – The Globe and Mail

And finally Debby Herbenick assuages all our fears with No, really: Penises are not shrinking – Salon

Well there it is, now I can close a couple of these friggin tabs on my browser window.

EDIT: So a lot of blogs do a similar type of thing to this but one in particular (bitch media) explicitly calls theirs On Our Radar, so as of right now we have cleverly renamed ours to What’s On Our Radar. Great minds etc.

What Are Cock Rings And What Do They Do?

When most people think of sex toys they think of dildos, vibrators, fleshlights, etc. But the cock ring is a male sexual enhancement device that I feel is not as well known or understood. So here’s a brief little explanation for y’all. Who knows, it might inspire some of you to go out and grab one (or a couple) from their local sex store.

Cock rings are made from a pretty wide variety of materials. The most common being rubber or silicone, but you can also get metal and leather ones to name a few. They are meant to be placed at the base of the penis or even around the entire penis and testicles. It is best to apply lubricant before putting them on and it’s advisable to put them on an already erect penis. If you put one on your flaccid penis and it’s too small, you might have problems when you become erect. Not fun. Also, you shouldn’t keep it on for much longer than 20 mins, and definitely don’t fall asleep with one on.

So why should you use one if there’s potential risk? Well the risk (as with any sexual risk) is significantly minimized if you play responsibly and the reward is pretty great. Cock rings create stronger, longer lasting erections and can help men with premature ejaculation. Also some men experience stronger orgasms with a cock ring on. Some cock rings have built in vibrators and other vaginal and anal stimulators so it’s not just a for-him thing.

So the next time you’re at your local sex store, ask the clerk to tell you more about cock rings, they may your new favorite bedroom accessory. Play safe, and wash your toys after every use.


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Castrated Men May Live Longer (But Who Cares?)

study of Korean eunuchs through history has claimed that castrated men could live up to an average of 20 years longer than their intact counterparts. Well that’s just…great. It will also either greatly minimise or completely eliminate your sexual drive and the lack of testosterone could lead to menopause-like side effects such as hot flashes, and osteoporosis.

But hey, this might be great news for an asexual male who is interested in extending their life expectancy. I would be interested to know how late in life one can get castrated and benefit from the extra years. If you find your sex drive drastically waning as you get older but want to stick around for a couple of decades longer than you might otherwise could you get castrated at say 65-70 and still reap the benefits?

Someone needs to tell Ray Kurtzweil about this. Maybe he can lay off a couple dozen of those supplements he takes every day and just get his balls removed. Transhumanists everywhere, take note!

For everyone else, get back to work. You want your (or your partner’s) testicles. Trust us. Don’t go out and get them removed, and if you do, don’t say we told you to because we did not. We think that sex is awesome and having a sex drive is also awesome.

Via Limelife


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Why Do We Like Breasts? Because Your Mom.

Humans are the only mammals who sexualize the breasts. Many men and women find breast very sexually attractive. We stimulate them during foreplay, we wear clothes to accentuate them, we are the only primate females who’s breasts enlarge at puberty. But why?

Well there are a couple of potential hypotheses. One of them is that breasts are used to store fat and so, evolutionarily speaking (man I hate that phrase), a woman with big breasts is healthy and will likely be able to bring a male’s offspring to term. An other hypothesis is that most primates have rear entry sex as opposed to the face to face intercourse that we humans often have. A lot of primate females have very pronounced rear ends to attract a mate and some scientists believe that the breasts are enlarged to mimic the enlarged bums of other primate females. (Google image search Baboon Butt)

Anywho, Larry Young and Brian Alexander aren’t so sure about those two theories. They think that the bond that breast feeding infants and their mothers have is directly related to why we love breasts. When babies breast feed the mothers brain releases oxytocin. (For those who don’t know, oxytocin is a really wonderful feel-good happy chemical that your body can produce). This oxytocin makes the mother focus more intensely on the baby, forming a strong emotional and physiologically enforced connection.

When a partner touches, massages or nibbles a woman’s breasts, it sparks the same series of brain events as nursing. Oxytocin focuses the brain’s attention to the partner’s face, smell, and voice. The combination of oxytocin release from breast stimulation, and the surge of dopamine from the excitement of foreplay and face-to-face sex, help create an association of the lover’s face and eyes with the pleasurable feelings, building a bond in the women’s brain.

It’s an interesting idea, and probably has a lot to do with it, but it feels like it’s not the whole story. To me it explains why women may like having their breasts stimulated but I don’t think that “because sucking her nipple made your mom high when you were a baby,” is the reason why humans are so obsessed with breasts. I’ll keep you posted if I find out anything else, true believers.

Via Huffington Post


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Announcement: Podcast In The Works

We at The “Oh!” Face are excited to inform you that we are in the early stages of developing a podcast all about sex, gender, sexuality, and all the other great content you’re used to getting from us.

If there is anything in particular that you have a burning desire to know more about or would like us to cover on either the podcast or the blog please don’t hesitate to email us.

Oh and by the way, thank you all so much for reading the blog and showing so much support! It’s been a lot of fun so far and we’re glad to have all of you along for the ride.



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Progressive NY Program Is Distributing Morning After Pill At High Schools

For the past year 5 New York City high schools have been distributing Plan B to any student over 14 who has requested it. The initiative responsible is called Connecting Adolescents to Comprehensive Health (CATCH). Hailed as the first American program of it’s kind it “enables teens to access the full range of their reproductive choices, without parental notification, in the event of unwanted pregnancy.”

This is huge and could set a precedent for other cities across the continent. The initiative has been met with little resistance, perhaps due to the extremely high drop out rate of pregnant teens who come to term (70%). 13 more schools in New York have started the CATCH program and it very well may spread to schools out of state as well.

I can’t stress enough how big of a deal this is. In a time of abstinence only sex education this is a very progressive move that is being seen with almost no resistance from parents or other community members. Rationality makes me smile. Hooray for treating teens like people! Sex!

Via Salon

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