Too Few Girls Getting HPV Vaccine According To CDC

Human Papillomavirus is the most common STI and is the cause of almost all cases of cervical and anal cancers. At least 50% of sexually active people have one of the 40 different strains. The great news is that there is a vaccination for people to protect themselves from HPV. Unfortunately, according to the American Center for Disease Control, too few girls are opting to get the vaccine.

Last year, significantly more U.S. teens were vaccinated against meningitis and whooping cough (pertussis) than in 2010, while increases for the HPV vaccine were far less significant, according to researchers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The conversation between parents and their teens about sex really needs to be open so that people can make an informed decision in regards to prevention. Peoples squeamishness around sex may lead to cancer later in life (as crazy as that sounds).

“Stronger health-care provider recommendations for HPV vaccination, implementation of reminder/recall systems, elimination of missed opportunities for vaccination, and education of parents of adolescents regarding the risk for HPV infection and the benefits of vaccination are needed to protect adolescents from HPV-related cancers,” Dr. Christina Dorell and her CDC colleagues wrote.

Via US News

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