Best Condom On The Market

Sex educator and researcher Debby Herbenik has gone to the trouble of finding out wich condom on the market is the best and why.

Why did they like this condom better? Trojan Ecstasy condoms are shaped like a baseball bat, giving more room throughout the condom while still maintaining a snug base so that a man can feel that the condom’s still on and hasn’t slipped off. Because a man’s penis is rich in nerve endings – especially at the glans (head) – a too-tight feeling along the shaft and head can dull sensation. On the other hand, snugness around the base allows men to relax, confident in the knowledge that they and their partner are protected.There’s also a bit of lube inside and outside the condom (most lubricated condoms only have lubricated exteriors). The lubricated interior can make wearing a condom more pleasurable and natural-feeling. And the lubricated outside? That helps make it more pleasurable yet help keep the condom in one piece, even with all that friction.

She’s also got you covered as to what the best condoms are if condoms are far too small or too big for you, if you’re allergic to latex or if you’re looking to last a bit longer.

Via Salon


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