Metro Vancouver Parents Aren’t Having Sex, Aren’t Talking About Birth Control

In the Metro Vancouver area where The “Oh!” Face is based, it appears that only 1 in 5 parents of young children are reporting that they are having any sex at all. On top of that, they aren’t talking to one another about birth control, essentially leaving it up to the women to figure out.

An online poll by Leger Marketing found that only 15 per cent of respondents in the city said they discuss birth control decisions with their partners. Vancouver sex therapist Teesha Morgan says responsibility for birth control is often dumped in a woman’s lap and that the 15-per-cent finding is “a horrible, low number.”

This is just nuts in my opinion. But I don’t have any kids so I can’t really judge…but I’m doing it anyway. This is nuts. Talk to your spouses. We posted an article just last week on the importance of communication. It’s something we can’t stress enough.

Couples’ and sex therapist David McKenzie says the poll’s findings don’t reflect what he hears in his office.

I hope this is the case but it would figure that the couples that are willing to go to a couples’ and sex therapist would also be the ones more likely to talk about these things (like during a couples’ therapy session for instance).

But another poll number that does ring true for him is that 20 per cent of parents aren’t having sex at all.

Most new mothers lose desire because of hormonal changes and also the demands of an infant, he says, and that situation is magnified as her duties increase.

I’ll give people a break on this on because there is a time after child birth where having sex is not on for some women but 20 is a big percent.

Via The Vancouver Sun


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