GGG: Good, Giving, And Game

Dan Savage has without a doubt contributed greatly to the cause of sexual education, understanding, and tolerance. But beyond his syndicated column and his podcast perhaps what he has contributed most to the sexual conversation can be found in the language he has invented. Savage is responsible for inventing words, redefining names and authoring terms. He is the person behind the popularization of the new definition of santorum. He has invented terms like pegging and monogamish. But I think the term that Savage should be most lauded for is GGG.

GGG stands for good, giving and game. Savage believes that we “should all strive to be good in bed, giving of equal time and equal pleasure and game for anything – within reason.” This is not only an easy motto for fairness in the bedroom but the science seems to back it up. A recent study showed that people who are GGG experience higher daily levels of desire and are more likely to maintain that high level of desire over longer periods of time. Basically, good, giving and game will make your sex life better for longer.

There are few things more sex positive than this concept and we hope that everyone does their best to be GGG.

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