Sexually Aroused Women Are Less Disgusted By Disgusting Stuff

Sex is squishy and slimy and smells weird. So why don’t we find it gross? A new study conducted by a Dutch university thinks that they know. The exposed a group of ladies to sexually arousing stimuli and an other group to sexually neutral stimuli and then asked them to perform some pretty gross tasks (putting a hand into a bunch of used condoms, eating a cookie with a worm next to it, that kind of stuff). Turns out that the women who were exposed to the arousing material were much more likely to do the yucky stuff. This may explain why slimy, smelly, squishy sex is far less off-putting than other things that fit that description.

What’s interesting is that the women who were not exposed to the sexually arousing stimuli were more likely to rate sex related things as disgusting. I guess sex is a bit more yucky when you’re not aroused.

Now look, I know what you’re saying. Your saying, “Hey you’re not being very sex positive calling sex yucky and all!” And you’re right, but clearly we at The “Oh!” Face don’t find sex disgusting but we probably do find it even less disgusting when we’re turned on!

I mean c’mon, Science!

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