IUDs Are The Best Form Of Contraceptive Out There (There, I Said It!)

25 years ago intrauterine devices (IUDs) put women at a high risk of infection and the methods of inserting them were not great. But the IUDs of today are not like that at all. They are a safe and reliable form of birth control that doesn’t require you to be a responsible adult. And lets face it, when it comes to sex, even many adults tend not to be particularly responsible (just sayin’).

IUDs come in a hormonal and non-hormonal form which is ideal for women who don’t react well to the surge in synthetic hormones that often is associated with birth control. They’re more cost effective than other forms of birth control and they’re like a pregnancy on/off switch. Once you put it in it’s as if you’ve had your tubes tied and once you take it out it’s as if you were never on birth control to begin with. I’m serious,that’s what they tell me. It’s that effective.

A group of American physicians is recommending that all teens be offered IUDs by their doctors. The fact that this is not the case already speaks to the lack of understanding and education out there about sex and contraception. Some doctors still think that IUDs are dangerous. They’re not! Go get one so that you can have lots of sex without worrying about having a baby. Trust me, not worrying about having a baby is a huge turn on!


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One thought on “IUDs Are The Best Form Of Contraceptive Out There (There, I Said It!)

  1. […] I know it’s not everyone’s top choice but I’m still a huge fan of the copper IUD. […]

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