Castrated Men May Live Longer (But Who Cares?)

study of Korean eunuchs through history has claimed that castrated men could live up to an average of 20 years longer than their intact counterparts. Well that’s just…great. It will also either greatly minimise or completely eliminate your sexual drive and the lack of testosterone could lead to menopause-like side effects such as hot flashes, and osteoporosis.

But hey, this might be great news for an asexual male who is interested in extending their life expectancy. I would be interested to know how late in life one can get castrated and benefit from the extra years. If you find your sex drive drastically waning as you get older but want to stick around for a couple of decades longer than you might otherwise could you get castrated at say 65-70 and still reap the benefits?

Someone needs to tell Ray Kurtzweil about this. Maybe he can lay off a couple dozen of those supplements he takes every day and just get his balls removed. Transhumanists everywhere, take note!

For everyone else, get back to work. You want your (or your partner’s) testicles. Trust us. Don’t go out and get them removed, and if you do, don’t say we told you to because we did not. We think that sex is awesome and having a sex drive is also awesome.

Via Limelife


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