What’s On Our Radar 09/28/12

So we go through a lot of sex, gender and sexuality stuff on the internet every day and only a portion of it do we condense into the short, punchy little blog posts you’ve come to expect from us. But lots of that stuff is worth checking out. That’s why we’ve decided to periodically share with you what’s on our radar. Enjoy.

Newsflash: Women Really Do Benefit From Contraception – Jezebel

Femme lesbians and bi-sexual women may have a new way of letting other ladies at the grocery store know that they’re queer in Behold, The Femme Flagging Manicure – xojane

Jennifer Bleyer asks if the way society views pedophiles is hindering our ability to stop child abuse in How Can We Stop Pedophiles? Stop Treating Them Like Monsters – Slate

Groundbreaking study finds male DNA in female brains, makes us question how we define gender…again in Male” DNA found in “Female” Brains – Salon

Polyamory in Canada in Polyamory: Exploring the ins and outs of multiple partners – The Globe and Mail

And finally Debby Herbenick assuages all our fears with No, really: Penises are not shrinking – Salon

Well there it is, now I can close a couple of these friggin tabs on my browser window.

EDIT: So a lot of blogs do a similar type of thing to this but one in particular (bitch media) explicitly calls theirs On Our Radar, so as of right now we have cleverly renamed ours to What’s On Our Radar. Great minds etc.

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