What’s On Our Radar 09/30/12

Here’s what we’ve been reading today:

5 Myths About Homosexuality Debunked By Science – The Psychology Of Human Sexuality

What Happens When You Want To Fuck Your Patient And Other Confessions Of A Therapist – Gawker

Apparently it’s not your mom’s fault that she wasn’t nice or nurturing or caring towards you, she just didn’t have the right genes. Research Now Claims There’s A “Mommy Gene” You May Or May Not Have – Jezebel

Everyone’s happy that California Becomes the First State to Ban Creepy ‘Gay-Repair’ Therapies – Jezebel

Really great anti-LGBTQI-bullying ad out of Australia called Is It OK To Be Left Handed?

And finally Tracy Clark-Flory on Finding your kid’s porn – Salon

Que the sound of tabs closing.

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