Women With Severe Endometriosis May Be Hotter

“Damn girl, you so hot, I bet your uterus is all sorts of fucked up!”

According to a recent Italian study women with really severe endometriosis may also be likely to display traits commonly associated with physical attractiveness. But first: what the heck is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is when the cells from your uterus grow in places other than your uterus. Basically the lining of the womb grows where it shouldn’t, like the fallopian tubes or other parts of the pelvis. The big problem is, it’s this lining that breaks down every month and discharges as menstruation, so if it’s not in the right place then the discharge has nowhere to go and can cause cysts and really really bad cramping. Also it may be significantly harder if not impossible to get pregnant if you suffer from endometriosis.

But hey look on the bright side: You’re probably super hot!

Weird, I know. Scientists think that the gene that is associated with endometriosis is linked with certain physical characteristics that  are often equated with physical attractiveness…at least to the people doing the study. I mean beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, right?

I’m pretty sure what they’re trying to say is that the endometriosis gene displays a certain phenotype (the observable characteristics associated with the gene’s expression) and they’re into it. The scientists are not sure why this is the case but they hypothesize that it may have to do with estrogen. Studies have shown that more attractive women produce more estrogen, and perhaps the higher concentrations of the female sex hormone might be screwing with their uteri.

The increase in physical attractiveness was only noticed in women with really severe rectovaginal endometriosis, not in the women with milder cases. Every cloud? Who knows, this whole study weirded me out a little bit.



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