Don’t Like Patriarchy? Blame Agriculture

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One thought on “Don’t Like Patriarchy? Blame Agriculture

  1. more says:

    Yes, because when women were one of the main objectives of attacks on rival tribes, and were abducted and forced into marriage (i.e. most of human history), this was so much better.

    Also, the idea of a smooth and uniform transition from hunter-gatherer behaviour to agriculturism is over-simplistic and wrong. Many groups of hunter-gatherers had limited/seasonal agriculture for many thousands of years before the first major agrarian societies of Sumeria and the like appeared and this decline in quality of life occurred.

    The concept of ownership is nothing new, with alpha males (“big men” or “chiefs”) of tribes having a monopoly over women. Women were not “shared,” but rather, in many societies, polygamy favouring those with the most wealth and resources was widespread. This came at the expense of the lower-status men in the tribe, who then had to attack enemy tribes to “take” their women.

    Are all experts on human sexuality so woefully uninformed?

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