What’s On Our Radar 10/06/12

Hey there true believers! As you may or may not have noticed we are now officially theohface.com…woooooo! Also be sure to follow us on twitter @theohfaceblog. And now, what we’ve been reading over the past couple days:

Justin Lehmiller answers the age old question Why Are So Many Straight Men Into Transexual Porn? – The Psychology of Human Sexuality

Dan Savage writes about The Magazine Article That Changed Everything For Gay People – Slate

Study finds rise in Gay characters on network TV, I blame Omar Little for being so awesome. – Salon

Hugo Schwyzer talks to James Deen about Why Porn Sex Is The Safest Sex, goes on to tweet about how people are bribing him to give them Deen’s phone number – Jezebel

Feeling charitable? Major Porn Site Will Donate Money to a Breast Cancer Charity for Every Boob Video You Watch – Gawker

And I will leave you with this video of the Chinese sperm collecting machine that “plays porn while the “sperm collection pipe” adjusts according to the height of the donor.”

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