What’s On Our Radar 10/10/12

More good reads out and about on the internet.

One of my favoriet sex and relationship writers Tracy Clark-Flory has an old fashioned date with a man who brought her flowers and uncharacteristically asks “Who needs casual sex?!” – Salon

Dan Savage explains that Savage Love was going to be a joke. – Salon

Justin Lehmiller  explains how no-cost contraception could reduce abortion rates in the US by as much as 78% and laments the how unlikely this scenario is – The Psychology Of Human Sexuality

Slate asks Are Humans Monogamous or Polygamous? And everyone agrees: It’s complicated – Slate

And last but not least Hugo Schwyzer tells us all about the day he had to pull a tampon out of his ex-wife – mamamia

Oh and check out Laci Green’s latest video, this one is about Girl On Girl Hate and making the transition to a society in which women are less competitive with each other and  more loving and supportive. It’s a good one.

One thought on “What’s On Our Radar 10/10/12

  1. […] posted in the most recent What’s On Our Radar, Justin Lehmiller’s essay on how much of a difference no-cost contraception could make in the […]

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