This Just In: Old Age Doesn’t Protect Against STIs

Your Grandparents are having sex. Just sit with that for a sec.

Your Grandparents are having sex…and it sounds like a lot of them are doing it wrong.

People from their 50s to their 70s are having more sex than that demographic used to have, and with the increase in senior’s sexual activity has also come an increase in STIs amongst retirees. But it’s not just that STI rates have just increased, they’ve doubled! Let me just say right now that your “Alzheimer’s” is not an excuse for why you “forgot” to wear a condom.

Seniors are contracting Syphilis and Chlamydia at a rate that is higher than the average, with the rate of Chlamydia contraction having tripled since 2000. HIV rates in this cohort are soaring also and the rates of infection continue to skyrocket when focusing on arrangements in which a lot of seniors live in close proximity, such as seniors housing communities. To be honest this is making retirement homes sound a lot more appealing…well except for the Syphilis.

So what’s causing this upsurge in senior STI rates? We don’t really know. Not a lot of people have studied senior’s sexuality. As far as we’re concerned, our parents definitely don’t have sex anymore and our grandparents have probably never had sex, right? So why study something that doesn’t happen?

Some of the rise in STI transmission amongst older adults can be attributed to the fact that postmenopausal women are no longer worried about getting pregnant so are engaging in higher risk sexual activity, and men are taking advantage of the myriad erectile disfunction meds on the market, making intercourse a possibility. Also, postmenopausal women are less able to self lubricate and the friction from intercourse can cause small tears in the vaginal tissue, thus making the women more susceptible to STI transmission.

Think about it for a second, the sex ed you received growing up was probably pretty mediocre. Now imagine what kind of sex ed your granny got. Is it any wonder seniors are contracting STIs at such a staggering rate?

Via EmpowHer


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