Yes, Peeing On People For Sexual Pleasure Is A Real Thing


Urophilia is sexual excitement around the sight or thought of urine or urination. Pee play is not the most talked about expression of sexuality but it’s a real thing that real people do and there’s a reasonable likelihood that you know someone who likes it or has engaged in it in some way.

Pee play comes in a couple of different forms. The most obvious would be, one person peeing on the other. This is sometimes associated with BDSM in that it may have a humiliation component to it. What’s great about this is that it doesn’t have to be particularly messy either. Just jump in the shower with your partner and let the peeing commence! Then you can have a real shower when you’re done with the golden one.

The other common way in which urine is incorporated into people’s sex lives is through the act of having your partner pee into your mouth and even drinking it. Urine is completely sterile so there’s less danger associated with this than there would be with scat (poop) play. It is still a bodily fluid however and things like Hepatitis B and other STIs can be spread through drinking urine. Also drinking someones urine who takes drugs can affect your ability to pass a pee test if that’s something you need to do. But if your partner is healthy and drug free then you should be safe to enjoy.

Pee play, Scat play, brown showers, enemas, catheters and other such fetishes all fall under the catch-all term Water Sports, which may be my favorite ever sexual term. It’s so fun and playful and disarming. Admittedly, I don’t know a whole lot about Water Sports or too many people who are open about enjoying them but I for one am a fan of erotic expression as long as it’s safe and pee play strikes me as a great way to explore your kinky side in a very accessible and inexpensive way. All you need is access to water.

The two above listed uses of urine are not the only way in which it is fetishized, a fetish with Japanese origins called Omaroshi is defined as, being sexually aroused by having a full bladder or someone else having a full bladder. There are literally hundreds of different fetishes out there and I have a suspicion that pee fetishes are more common than you might expect.

So next time your in the shower with your honey and you’re looking to try something new, ask them if they’d be willing to pee on you. You’ll never know if it turns you on until you try it.

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