Boys Hitting Puberty Earlier

According to a study out today, boys are hitting puberty as early as 9.5 years old. Until now the benchmark age of boys to hit puberty was about 11.5 years. Early signs of puberty, such as the lowering of the testicles was seen on average at just over 9 for the African American participants and just over 10 for the Caucasian and Hispanic ones.

The authors of the study did not try to explain why it appears that boys might be entering puberty at an earlier age but they suggested diet, lack of physical activity and other environmental factors may all be contributing factors.

It is not certain however that the change is as drastic as it may seem.

The study, widely considered the most reliable attempt to measure puberty in American boys…But experts cautioned that because previous studies were smaller or used different approaches, it is difficult to say how much earlier boys might be developing.

Either way, this study has collected a lot of useful data about adolescent boys that will be used and referred to extensively in the future.

Via The New York Times



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