Strangers Tell Little Boy He Can’t Be A Princess For Halloween

ABC staged, with hidden cameras, a little boy and his “Mom,” both actors, going into a costume store before Halloween. The boy declares loud and proud that he wants to be Belle, much to the chagrin of his “Mother.” Some of the other shoppers can’t help but chime in with their lovely opinions. Swap boy actor out for a girl actor who wants to be spider man, lather, rinse, repeat.

Now, I’m not particularly into the deceptive and manipulative game that ABC are playing but it’s pretty eye opening to see how willing these people are to express their bigotry just because they believe they are in the presence of likeminded company. Children are conditioned to fit into the roles of the particular gender they were diagnosed with at birth. So seldom, if ever, do we wait to find out the child’s opinion on the matter. I wonder what a difference it might make if our society treated children as gender neutral until they were able to tell us themselves how they wanted to identify.

Think of the children!!! My God, why won’t anyone think of the children!!! – Helen Lovejoy

Happy Halloween

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