Science: Cuddling Hardly Ever Leads To Sex, Bummer Dudes

According to a survey of 500 men and women in relationships only about 1 in 6 cuddle sessions, or seshes as the kids are calling them (no one’s calling them that), end up in sex. The average sesh is about 47 minutes long and what’s worse is that it’s more likely to stimulate conversation than copulation. Cuddling stimulates feelings of intimacy and relaxation amongst the couples surveyed which to me are both pretty sexy. But what do I know, right Science? Personally, I’m a huge fan of the post-sex cuddle. It’s the best of both worlds. But yeah, dudes, if you think that cuddling is going to automatically grant you access to your partners nethers, think again. In fact, if you cuddle with your partner, you might end up talking to them. Heaven forbid!

Via Limelife

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