WTF Is Trichomoniasis?!

Most of us have heard of chlamydia and syphilis and herpes and gonorrhea and all the other lovely STIs that are available but fewer of us seem to have heard of Trichomoniasis or ‘Trich.’ It’s symptoms can look a bit like gonorrhea or chlamydia what with the uncomfortable, possibly odorous genital discharge. The reason why fewer people are likely to have heard of trich is that it isn’t regularly tested for in STI screenings. The CDC says that about 3.7 million people in America have it, or roughly 1% (#OccupyTrichStreet). Of that 3.7 mil, however, only about 30% show any signs or symptoms. In fact, of the curable STIs, trich is considered the most common!

So, the most common, curable STI is also the one that seems to be the least talked about? Here’s an other bummer about trich, though it is quite rare, this particular STI can sometimes be spread by jacuzzis and sharing wet towels. As with many other STI’s it is possible to transmit trichomoniasis without showing any symptoms of your own. Contracting trich also increases your risk of contracting HIV and delivering premature babies.

The way to find out if you have trichomoniasis is to go to a physician and get a physical exam. This exam is really simple, although perhaps a bit less comfortable for men due to the narrowness of their urethra (as anyone who has had a cotton swab in their urethra can attest). Treatment is no biggie either, just take an antibiotic for half a week and boom, you’re done.

So, if trich is so common, and easily treatable, why is it that we don’t hear about it as much as all the other STIs? Seriously, I want to know. Is it just me? Does everyone else know all about trich and I’m asleep every time it’s mentioned? Knowledge is power, and now you know about trichomoniasis. It is prevented by proper condom use and is totally curable. If it turns out that you’ve contracted it, let your previous partners know, so that they can tell their doctors and get it dealt with. It’s really not that big of a deal if you know what it is, and as I said, now you know.

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