Women Have Prostates Too…Sort Of

So it’s halfway through the month of November, which means that most of the men participating in the Movember fundraising are sporting more than just the peach fuzz that we’ve been subject to over the past couple of weeks. November is prostate awareness month, although as Hector Villeda-Martinez writes the only thing we seem to be aware of is it’s potential for cancer. There is very little being said about it’s potential for pleasure. Villeda-Martinez also brings up the point that, from his perspective, Movember feels like a straights-only affair, and I can definitely feel him on that.

But none of this is what I really want to talk about. I want to talk about something that few people associate with prostates: women. Yeah, women have prostates too, they’re just not called that. They have what’s called a Skene’s gland which, when you’re a little XX foetus, is made out of the same tissues as the prostate is in the little XY foetus.

And these two glands have a lot in common. They both produce a chemically similar fluid and it is believed that women who can ejaculate are ejaculating fluid from their Skene’s gland.

It is also thought that the Skene’s gland may be/be related to the G Spot, which would make a lot of sense since stimulating the prostate in men can cause orgasm and is often referred to as the P Spot. It’s also interesting because Skene’s glands can vary significantly in shape and size and in a number of cases are so small that they seem to be completely absent. This could explain why it has been so hard to determine the existence of the G Spot, because it’s different in every woman’s body and some women don’t even appear to have one.

Because they are so similar and essentially made from the same stuff, a number of researchers have stopped referring to it as the Skene’s gland and are instead calling it the female prostate. So remember, Movember isn’t just about cancer, it’s about awareness. Be aware of all the joys (and potential pains) of prostates both male and female and if you can’t grow a moustache just draw one on.

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