What’s On Our Radar 11/16/12

It’s that time again to close some of the browser tabs that are slowing down my computer:

Lehmiller asks Do “Nipple Orgasms” Really Exist? – The Psychology Of Human Sexuality

Apparently there may be a link between Marijuana and Testicular Cancer, not to mention my favorite accompanying graphic ever! – The Feronia Project

Followed by my favoriet title ever: The Myth of the Boner Werewolf – The Pervocracy

The pretty self explanitory, I Was a Sex Surrogate – Salon

Despite Dire Warnings, Porn Does Not Necessarily Chang the Way We Have Sex – Slate

And lastly, the science behind Morning Erections:

2 thoughts on “What’s On Our Radar 11/16/12

  1. Why, thank you! Our writer did a great job of picking an image to accompany that one. (PS: Awesome blog! If you ever want to guest post over on the Feronia Project, just send me an e-mail!) -e

    • theohface says:

      Thank you so much Eleanor! I’m totally flattered, I absolutely love the Feronia Project blog and visit it daily. Where might I find your email address if I were interested in contributing (which I most certainly am)? Also, you are more than welcome to re-post anything from The “Oh!” Face to the Feronia Project if that is something you would be interested in. My email is theohface@gmail.com, my name is Dave and thanks again for your support and for doing what you’re doing!

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