Premature Orgasm: Not Just A Male Problem

Premature orgasm and ejaculation is a fairly common phenomenon amongst men of all ages. It often leads to feelings of shame and discouragement but other than that is really not a major medical issue. Seldom are women considered when talking about premature orgasm except for the partners of the premature ejaculating men. So it may surprise some people to learn that some women also experience premature orgasm.

A Portugese study published in 2011 surveyed 850 women aged 18 to 45 about orgasm. Of the 510 respondents, 40% claimed to have had an orgasm earlier than they would have liked and 14% reported having premature orgasm on a regular basis. 3.3% or the respondents had premature orgasm frequently enough meet the criteria for “sexual dysfunction.”

Unfortunately, this is the only study dealing with this particular subject matter so there isn’t enough research to draw concrete conclusions about female premature orgasm. We don’t know what causes it, if it’s related to male premature orgasm and how it can be treated for those who find it to be problematic.

I suppose there is some irony since some women have a hard time reaching orgasm at all, but for women who orgasm earlier than they’d like, the psychological impact could be as devastating as it is for some men. Luckily, women are capable of multiple orgasms which may explain why we don’t hear about female premature orgasm very much, it doesn’t put a halt to things in the same way as premature ejaculation seems to. Once again we encourage people to take some of the pressure off their genitals and focus on the other parts of the body and how they can enhance the sexual experience. Premature orgasm doesn’t mean the sex has to end prematurely.

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