What’s On Our Radar 11/27/12

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, I just got a new job (woohoo!) and all sorts of life is happening so all I got’s for you is a What’s On Our Radar post for now, but stay tuned for our regularly scheduled programming coming up later in the week. but without further ado:

Contrary to popular belief Guys Don’t Just Want Casual Sex – Salon

The wonderfully titled, Sex, Booze and the Meaning of Life in which Big Think makes fun of a recent study about how people prefer getting drunk and having sex than raising their kids – Big Think

New research suggests yet another reason why sex education should be taught in the classroom – because teens can learn from each other how to successfully use contraceptive methods. Sex education, a topic dear to my heart – Dollars and Sex

Sex Taboos: A brief and incomplete tour – Mind Hacks

This April the New York times had a great panel of 8 debaters pouring over the pros and cons of legalization of prostitution: Is Prostitution Safer When It’s Legal – New York Times

The Nasal Spray Created To Give Women Orgasms is as much about the spray as it is about the contentious issue of stigma surrounding “disorders’ and the medicalization of women’s sexuality – The Atlantic

Dr. Justin Lehmiller (one of my personal favs) asks: Are Men’s Standards Really So Low Their Willing To Date ‘Sociopaths?’ Answers: No – The Science Of Relationships

And finally there is a new web series coming out about animal sex (read more about it here), it’s called Wild Sex, check out the preview:

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