What’s On Our Radar 12/05/12

It’s hump day! Read some stuff, why not!?

The Night I Let My Wife Peg Me is a marvellous account of one man’s first (but not last) time – Role/Reboot

I Have: Vaginal Cysts is also a pretty marvellous account, this time of a woman’s journey through a medical system that couldn’t identify what was going on with her vagina. I know little about vaginal cysts myself but I think I’ll do my research and post about them in the near future – The Frisky

Young, Gay, Black — and at Risk for HIV asks why this is such a high risk cohort – The Atlantic

[Shameless Personal Plug] Considering The Female Condom is a breathtaking inquiry [written by me] into why women and men are so seemingly uninterested in using the Female Condom and why they might reconsider – The Feronia Project

The “Halo” Of Hot Women examines the “Halo Effect” in which people attribute qualities of “goodness” to people just because they’re hot – Science Of Relationships

Justin Lehmiller asks/answers: What is Sex Like With a “Friends With Benefits?” – The Psychology of Human Sexuality

And the ever controversial Hugo Schwyzer muses on Why We Still Fall For The Myth Of The Uncontrollable Boner – Jezebel

Finally, because I’ve been posting videos on the bottoms of some of the more recent What’s On Our Radar Posts, here’s Dan Savage on the worst advice he’s given and gay teens coming out (or not coming out):


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