It Is Totally Legal To Fire Your Employee For Being Too Hot In Iowa

This week in wacky news related to gender and sex: An Iowa dentist fired his female employee of 10 years because she was too attractive. He allegedly made remarks about the bulge in his pants being a good indicator that she was wearing clothes that were too revealing and his wife was none too happy about her working there. The case went to court, naturally, and the Supreme Court of Iowa ruled that the termination was totally illegal…wait did I say illegal? Yeah, sorry I meant legal.

The  All Fucking Male Supreme Fucking Court of Fucking Iowa (pardon my language) decided that this inappropriate-comment-making, wife-having, douche was totally justified in firing this (we have to assume) perfectly capable employee because she gave him a fucking boner. Gross. Just gross, Iowa. I’m reacting pretty strongly to this one I know, but it’s because this shouldn’t even be a question. This is the most flagrant display of systemic sexism I’ve heard about in recent years and it is so laughable it hurts.

The employee in question went on to publicly ultimate-friendzone this guy, saying that she never felt sexually attracted to him and saw him as a sort of “father figure.” More like creepy uncle figure if you ask me, or even sexually-harassing employer figure. I get that there are a lot of shitty, sexually harassing employers out there but I feel like very few of them have the sanction of a supreme court. Bad precedent Iowa, let’s hope this ruling gets overturned and we can regain a shred of hope for humanity. If not, stay tuned, I have a video of George Takei reading 50 Shades of Grey that’ll make your day.

For more on this story watch this:


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