What’s On Our Radar 01/03/13

Happy New Year Everyone! Here’s what we’ve been reading over at The “Oh!” Face offices (full disclosure, it’s just me, there’s no one else, I just say “we” because I’m lonely…or just cause it sounds more professional. There’s very little that is professional about any of this, especially my liberal overuse and misuse of brackets):

50 years after the introduction of the Pill and sexual double standards are still as rampant as ever, Study: “Slut-shaming” won’t go away – Salon

Ever Heard of Endometriosis? No? Hear about it! (It kinda sucks and affects quite a few women) – Feronia Project

Six Myths About Sexually Transmitted Infections Debunked – The Psychology Of Human Sexuality

For all you ‘readers’ out there here is a list of Longform’s Best Sex Stories of 2012, not for the TL;DR crowd – Slate

Thanks Guys: Five Ways Men Are Fighting Sexism – Jezebel

Is My Vibrator Ruining My Relationship? Probably not, but relationships are hard – Salon

And even though this isn’t really about sex, did you know that Only 8% of people sleep naked? – Technorati

Alright, take it away George!

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