Why Are Foot Fetishes The Most Common Fetish?

Have you ever been turned on by the sight of a perfect, shapely, curvaceous…foot? It turns out that foot fetishes are the most common fetishes in the world and they’ve been reported all throughout history. So, first off, a fetish is a sexual obsession with an object, often one that isn’t regularly sexualized.  A foot fetish can manifest itself in many ways. Some people are aroused by touching feet, some like having theirs touched. Some people just like to see feet, either bare or clothed, and others like to have their genitals stimulated by feet, often referred to as a foot job. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

A question that often comes up is, why are foot fetishes so common? It turns out that physical sensation from the feet and the genitals both stimulate the same areas in the brain. This theory could explain why foot fetishes are so common. It’s possible that in the cases of people with foot fetishes, their neural wires have been crossed, so to speak, and instead of sexualizing the genitals, they’ve sexualized the feet. Another interesting link is that, historically, reports of foot fetishism increased significantly during periods in which STI outbreaks were severe. People turned to using feet sexually when genitals were a less appealing option. In the 13th century when gonorrhea was a huge problem, feet became much more sexualized. Freud thought that people sexualized feet because they resembled penises but Freud thought everything resembled either penises or your mom, so…

Fun Fact: So, you know how when people lose a limb they sometimes still feel as though the limb is there? It’s called phantom limb syndrome, google it. Anyway, in a significant number of cases, people who have lost their foot (and aren’t necessarily foot fetishists) have been known to start sexualizing their phantom foot and even experience pleasure there during orgasm! Maybe I’m just a huge nerd but to me, that is the coolest shit ever! Either way, this gives some credence to the whole crossed wires hypothesis, because in the case of the Phantom Phoot Phetishists not only is their brain failing to erase the missing foot but it’s actually mixing it up with the genital region of the brain, which if you’ll recall is in the same place as the foot region.

Fascinating stuff. What I didn’t really look into was the gender differences in foot fetishes. I’ve heard of men with foot fetishes on many occasions, but less so with women. Now, as I mentioned in the sexual fluidity post a couple of days ago, men are much more likely than women to have paraphilias, fetishes and sexual obsessions than women so that may account for the gender disparity if there is one. I’ll look into it and let you know.


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