What’s On Our Radar 13/01/13

Heyo! Here’s some things I’ve been reading that you may be interested in:

Isaac Abel writes a very honest essay called Did porn warp me forever? He explains how he feels that viewing porn before becoming sexually active affected his adult sex life – Salon

Sex Degrees Of Separation: How Many Indirect Sexual Partners Have You Had? Find out – The Psychology Of Human Sexuality

It’s all lies! 5 Lies We’re Told About The Female Orgasm – Sex With Dr. Jess

Darwin Was Wrong About Dating. An attack on evolutionary psychology’s tendency over emphasize gender differences – The New York Times (Paywall)

And on that note, Can Evolution Explain High Heels? – Salon

Finally, Penis Size: Men Complain Of Shorter Appendages Following Prostate Cancer Treatment. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t treating cancer a bit more important that that 6th inch?

Btw, we all started off as female:

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