Avoid The Apocalypse By Giving Women Equality

The population of the planet is increasing exponentially and even though it may slow down eventually, we are still on an unsustainable trajectory. There are already too many people for the planet’s systems to function optimally and there are going to be at least a couple of billion more people in my lifetime. A new study out of Stanford University has concluded that the key to slowing down the birth rate and potentially saving humanity could be as simple as giving all women full equality.

There is incontrovertible proof that, given full equality, women tend to have fewer children thus slowing down the growth in population. Not to mention the fact that women’s lack of equality is hindering our ability to tap into their brain power for solving the problems that threaten the world. More than 50% of the intellects on the planet aren’t being treated as equal to the other half simply because of gender. This could prove to be humanity’s fatal flaw according to this study.

As a feminist, I am naturally drawn to this idea. The fact that it may take the prospect of total annihilation for us to give up some of our privilege and grant women full equality across the globe is laughably sad but I’ll take it. I guess women really are the future, at least according to this particular study, because without giving them equal treatment we’re doomed to overpopulate the only planet known to sustain any kind of life. They also state that women should all have access to modern contraceptives and emergency abortions (you know, just to piss conservatives off).

So if you don’t already consider yourself an feminist, get on board, the fate of the world depends on it!

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