Pubic Lice Are Becoming Endangered Due To Brazilian Waxing (How Deforestation Is Killing Yet Another Animal Species)

Pubic lice, known colloquially as crabs, were once a thriving species. As long as humans have been living, these six legged companions have been joining them, from the dawn of agriculture, through the rise and fall of empires, through all the ups and the downs. But something is killing the world’s population of pubic lice, something we know all too well. Brazilian waxing.

Brazilian waxing is the barbaric act of completely removing the pubic lice’s natural habitat for no other reason than aesthetics. Women and men routinely have their entire pubic region waxed leaving a baren and inhospitable wasteland for crabs. Since 2008, Sydney Australia’s leading sexual health clinic hasn’t seen one single case of pubic lice in women and has seen an 80% decrease in cases amongst men.

All joking aside, this probably isn’t the worst thing ever. Pubic lice used to be extremely common, extremely contagious and are a real itchy pain for everyone who has them. So good riddance I say! That being said, let’s not forget that waxing the pubic area can cause micro tears in the skin. Micro tears are little microscopic cuts and abrasions on the skin caused by the waxing process and having these open sores, as microscopic as they may be, can put you at a higher risk of contracting and transmitting other sexually transmitted infections. So by eliminating the habitat of one fairly benign STI (sexually transmitted infestation?) we could be opening ourselves up to far more malignant ones. Something to think about before going for that wax.

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