Women Can Orgasm Just By Going To The Gym

So, it’s almost the end of January and we’ve almost forgotten about our new year’s resolutions. We’re eating rich food again and skipping the gym more than we said we would. Well here’s one more reason (for women at least) to keep going to the gym. Besides the fact that physical exercise is extremely good for you and important for your long term health, it can also give women orgasms. Seriously. In a study done last year by researcher (and amazing sex columnist) Debby Herbenick and her team at Indiana University, hundreds of respodants said that they had experienced orgasm during workouts. Almost half of them had experienced them on more than 10 occasions.

This exercise induced orgasm has been affectionately named the “coregasm,” and it’s an apt name. It appears that core exercise (exercise focusing on the abdomen) is linked most strongly to orgasm. This doesn’t surprise me, in fact I have personally experienced an orgasm like release whilst doing a lot of ab work. “These data are interesting because they suggest that orgasm is not necessarily a sexual event, and they may also teach us more about the bodily processes underlying women’s experiences of orgasm,” says Herbenick.

But this isn’t new news. The Kinsey Institute for sex research reported finding women experience exercise induced orgasms back in 1953 but little research has been done on them until now.

“Corgasms” are also associated with weight lifting, yoga and cycling. Here’s a list of the percentages of how closely various exercises are associated with orgasm:

Abdominal Exercises: 51.4%

Weight Lifting: 26.5%

Yoga: 20%

Cycling: 15.8%

Running: 13.2%

Walking/hiking :9.8%


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