Abstinence Only Sex Education

This pic was floating around the internet around American election season, I saw it again today and realized that I hadn’t shared it here yet. Abstinence Only sex education doesn’t work, period. In fact it is counter productive. The places in which abstinence only sex education is taught are also the places where the highest teen pregnancy rates are. This is likely due to the fact that if you’re being taught to abstain from sex, you’re probably not being taught about wearing condoms and taking birth control because that would imply…well, having sex. The same holds true for STI rates and in fact there is a positive correlation between how much an area encourages abstinence and the rate of STIs in 15-19 year olds. Meaning, the regions that encourage at least some abstinence sex education fall right in between the AO and the Comprehensive regions in terms of STI rates. I find this to be pretty¬†fascinating. Clearly teens are going to have sex, the question is weather or not we are going to equip them with the tools to have the safest and most informed sex possible.



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