Wearing Socks To Bed Makes It Easier To Orgasm

You read it right, wearing socks while having sex can help you orgasm. A  study by Johns Hopkins University in which couples having sex underwent brain scanning, provided a bunch of data about how psychological states and physical stimulation affect people’s ability to orgasm but apparently the scanning room was a little bit cold. Providing couples with socks due to the draft in the room increased their ability to orgasm from 50% to 80%. I know of a few people who find it supremely unsexy to wear socks while having sex. Perhaps they need to change their attitude. The study doesn’t explain any reason why wearing socks might help people orgasm but I imagine it has something to do with being comfortable and not having your focus directed to your cold extremities. The scan was also able to tell if women were faking orgasm, even if their partners couldn’t

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2 thoughts on “Wearing Socks To Bed Makes It Easier To Orgasm

  1. Helen S says:

    This makes total sense – I read a study recently that explained how warmer environments produce stronger orgasms. So in line with that – warmer feet = easier O’s!

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