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Deep Inside: A Study Of 10,000 Porn Stars And Their Careers

If you didn’t notice, it’s unofficial porn week here at The “Oh!” Face:

Could Valentine’s Day Be A Hazard To Your Relationship?

This being a sex blog I feel a slight obligation to mention Valentine’s Day which is coming up on Thursday. Valentine’s Day is a lot like your birthday or New Year’s, we tend to build it up to be this really amazing day that should be perfect and romantic. These super high expectations lead to us NEVER being able to fulfill them and a high potential for let down. We shouldn’t let a greeting card company dictate when and how we celebrate our relationships but, if you do wish to celebrate this Valentine’s day, here’s my advice. Keep your expectations low, just treat it like a regular old date night, don’t do what you feel you are supposed to because it’s Valentine’s Day, do what will be special to you and your partner. If you are planning on going out for dinner, take Dan Savage’s advice: Fuck First! Have sex and then go for dinner. So many Valentine’s Days are spoiled by going out for a heavy, rich meal and desert only to fall into a food coma and never end up having sex. Fuck first, it will ensure that you’ll have sex on Valentine’s Day and then you can make a later reservation at a restaurant for, say, 9:00 when it’s not so busy. But most of all, don’t forget to do this kind of celebration with your partners all throughout the year. This is the one day of the year where everyone is trying to be romantic…what’s special about that?

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Porn Stars Aren’t ‘Damaged Goods’ Ctd.

This story has been getting a lot of press in the past couple of days, those of you who are regular visitors to The “Oh!” Face know of my great love of infographics. Previous post can be found here.

My amazing brother got married yesterday and there has been a lot of family stuff going on so I apologize for the lack of new content this weekend. But fear not true believers, I have three days off work starting tomorrow so there!

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Health Disparities Faced By The Transgender Community

Last week was Transgender awareness week, this is a fantastic infographic explaining the myriad issues the transgender community faces when trying to get medical treatment. Some numbers not on the infographic: 50% reported having to teach their medical practitioners about transgender care, 28% reported being subject to harassment in a medical setting and 19% reported being refused care due to their transgender or gender non-conforming status.



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Music Is More Of A Turn On Than Touch For Some

According to a recent poll conducted by Spotify, as many as 40% of respondents rated sexy music more of a turn on than even being touched! I have to admit that few things turn me on the same way that D’Angelo’s Voodoo album does but more than being touched? I’m not sure I fit into that 40%. That being said, mood can often be the diference between mediocre and mind-blowing sex and nothing sets the mood quite as quickly as the right music. Check out some of their other findings in this delightful infographic (have I mentioned my love of infographics?).

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What Type Of Casual Sex Are You Having? (A Flow Chart)

Casual sex is complicated. Often there is a lot less communication between sexual partners when it’s perceived as casual so it’s harder to know where you stand. This flow chart is actually a pretty darn good way to figure out where you stand without having to have the dreaded “What are we?” conversation. It’s a little hard to follow at first but read the Legend to figure out what the lines mean and you’ll be cross examining your hookups in no time.

Via Science of Relationships

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Why We Need Sex Ed Now

Hey everyone, I’ve been away the last few days due to some medical stuff (routine, nothing to worry about) and my delightful partner is starting the first week of a full semester at school (as I’m sure is the case for some of you), but we’re back!!

Via Public Health Degree

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