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What’s On Our Radar 02/23/12

Turn’s out there’s been a fair bit on the radar this week:

First off, Tricia Romano asks Is Bi The Last Taboo? – The Daily Beast

Penis Enlargement: Why It’s A Big Ball Of DON’T is this weeks best title – Em & Lo

Breaking the stereotypes of exotic dancers in 4 Things You Should Know About Women Who Strip – Alternet

11 Works Of Sexology That Will Blow Your Mind (With Science) is the definitive collection of sexological writing in my humble opinion – io9

Great news: More Elite Colleges Are Covering Sex-Change Surgery And Other Transgender Student Needs – Jezebel

Why Do Straight Women And Gay Men Get Along So Well? Asks Lehmiller – The Psychology Of Human Sexuality

Spiritual Women Have More Sex, Study Finds, the same doesn’t appear to be true for men, however – NBCNEWS

What Does Feminist Porn Look Like? – Role/Reboot

And finally, Tracy Clark-Flory, resident sex writer at Salon, interviewes Cheryl Cohen Greene, the sex surrogate who inspired the Oscar nominated film The Sessions:

What’s On Our Radar 02/13/2013

Floating around the internet, here’s what I found:

Bang With Friend’s Takes All The Fun Out Of Friend Sex, Bang With Friends is a new Facebook app that…well…yeah – Nerve

In other app news ‘Predicktor’ App Predicts Men’s Penis Size Based On Personal Stats – Huffington Post

There were a lot of lists going around, here’s two relavent ones from Alternet: 9 Interesting Things You May Not Know About The Clitoris and 10 Fascinating Facts About Men, Sex and Testosterone – Alternet

And a list for all my feminists: 17 Essays By Female Writers That Everyone Should Read – Flavorwire

When It Comes To Condoms One Size Does Not Fit All…because you’re huge! – The Psychology Of Human Sexuality

And finally, this amazing new breast cancer app:


What’s On Our Radar 01/30/13

Here’s what’s been on my reading list this week:

My favorite title for an article ever, Monogamy Is Like Dubstep: I Don’t Understand It – Role/Reboot

Keeping on the Monogamy tip, Forget Online Dating: Here’s Something That Might Really Hurt Monogamy, in which the argument that technology is causing us to avoid commitment is challenged somewhat – The Atlantic

The Vagina Popsicle, a very intriguing post on The Feronia Project about how putting yogurt in your vagina can help ease the symptoms of a yeast infection…seriously – The Feronia Project

The War On Sex Workers tears into the United States’ war on prostitution –

A lady in Brazil put poison in her vagina and tried to kill her husband by getting him to go down on her…Death By Cunnilingus – Salon

No video today but I did find this infographic on The Feronia Project:

What’s On Our Radar 13/01/13

Heyo! Here’s some things I’ve been reading that you may be interested in:

Isaac Abel writes a very honest essay called Did porn warp me forever? He explains how he feels that viewing porn before becoming sexually active affected his adult sex life – Salon

Sex Degrees Of Separation: How Many Indirect Sexual Partners Have You Had? Find out – The Psychology Of Human Sexuality

It’s all lies! 5 Lies We’re Told About The Female Orgasm – Sex With Dr. Jess

Darwin Was Wrong About Dating. An attack on evolutionary psychology’s tendency over emphasize gender differences – The New York Times (Paywall)

And on that note, Can Evolution Explain High Heels? – Salon

Finally, Penis Size: Men Complain Of Shorter Appendages Following Prostate Cancer Treatment. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t treating cancer a bit more important that that 6th inch?

Btw, we all started off as female:

What’s On Our Radar 01/03/13

Happy New Year Everyone! Here’s what we’ve been reading over at The “Oh!” Face offices (full disclosure, it’s just me, there’s no one else, I just say “we” because I’m lonely…or just cause it sounds more professional. There’s very little that is professional about any of this, especially my liberal overuse and misuse of brackets):

50 years after the introduction of the Pill and sexual double standards are still as rampant as ever, Study: “Slut-shaming” won’t go away – Salon

Ever Heard of Endometriosis? No? Hear about it! (It kinda sucks and affects quite a few women) – Feronia Project

Six Myths About Sexually Transmitted Infections Debunked – The Psychology Of Human Sexuality

For all you ‘readers’ out there here is a list of Longform’s Best Sex Stories of 2012, not for the TL;DR crowd – Slate

Thanks Guys: Five Ways Men Are Fighting Sexism – Jezebel

Is My Vibrator Ruining My Relationship? Probably not, but relationships are hard – Salon

And even though this isn’t really about sex, did you know that Only 8% of people sleep naked? – Technorati

Alright, take it away George!

What’s On Our Radar 12/05/12

It’s hump day! Read some stuff, why not!?

The Night I Let My Wife Peg Me is a marvellous account of one man’s first (but not last) time – Role/Reboot

I Have: Vaginal Cysts is also a pretty marvellous account, this time of a woman’s journey through a medical system that couldn’t identify what was going on with her vagina. I know little about vaginal cysts myself but I think I’ll do my research and post about them in the near future – The Frisky

Young, Gay, Black — and at Risk for HIV asks why this is such a high risk cohort – The Atlantic

[Shameless Personal Plug] Considering The Female Condom is a breathtaking inquiry [written by me] into why women and men are so seemingly uninterested in using the Female Condom and why they might reconsider – The Feronia Project

The “Halo” Of Hot Women examines the “Halo Effect” in which people attribute qualities of “goodness” to people just because they’re hot – Science Of Relationships

Justin Lehmiller asks/answers: What is Sex Like With a “Friends With Benefits?” – The Psychology of Human Sexuality

And the ever controversial Hugo Schwyzer muses on Why We Still Fall For The Myth Of The Uncontrollable Boner – Jezebel

Finally, because I’ve been posting videos on the bottoms of some of the more recent What’s On Our Radar Posts, here’s Dan Savage on the worst advice he’s given and gay teens coming out (or not coming out):


What’s On Our Radar 11/27/12

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, I just got a new job (woohoo!) and all sorts of life is happening so all I got’s for you is a What’s On Our Radar post for now, but stay tuned for our regularly scheduled programming coming up later in the week. but without further ado:

Contrary to popular belief Guys Don’t Just Want Casual Sex – Salon

The wonderfully titled, Sex, Booze and the Meaning of Life in which Big Think makes fun of a recent study about how people prefer getting drunk and having sex than raising their kids – Big Think

New research suggests yet another reason why sex education should be taught in the classroom – because teens can learn from each other how to successfully use contraceptive methods. Sex education, a topic dear to my heart – Dollars and Sex

Sex Taboos: A brief and incomplete tour – Mind Hacks

This April the New York times had a great panel of 8 debaters pouring over the pros and cons of legalization of prostitution: Is Prostitution Safer When It’s Legal – New York Times

The Nasal Spray Created To Give Women Orgasms is as much about the spray as it is about the contentious issue of stigma surrounding “disorders’ and the medicalization of women’s sexuality – The Atlantic

Dr. Justin Lehmiller (one of my personal favs) asks: Are Men’s Standards Really So Low Their Willing To Date ‘Sociopaths?’ Answers: No – The Science Of Relationships

And finally there is a new web series coming out about animal sex (read more about it here), it’s called Wild Sex, check out the preview:

What’s On Our Radar 11/16/12

It’s that time again to close some of the browser tabs that are slowing down my computer:

Lehmiller asks Do “Nipple Orgasms” Really Exist? – The Psychology Of Human Sexuality

Apparently there may be a link between Marijuana and Testicular Cancer, not to mention my favorite accompanying graphic ever! – The Feronia Project

Followed by my favoriet title ever: The Myth of the Boner Werewolf – The Pervocracy

The pretty self explanitory, I Was a Sex Surrogate – Salon

Despite Dire Warnings, Porn Does Not Necessarily Chang the Way We Have Sex – Slate

And lastly, the science behind Morning Erections:

What’s On Our Radar 11/09/12

Happy friday to everyone reading this today. So tuesday was a big day in the United States. Gay marriage and marriage equality laws were passed in four states and the number of women elected in the senate rose significantly. Also, the Republican rape apologists all got the boot. When 50% of the population is female, and almost 100% have mothers (except kids with two dads), you just cant say some of the ignorant shit that those old dudes said. So it was a good night…except in California:

So Measure B Passed… and porn actress Stoya is pissed. And rightly so in my opinion. Though I get the arguments for this measure I also fully understand the arguments against and I feel like it needs further discussion, something that is unlikely to happen in the main stream due to it being about porn. – Stoya

Perhaps worse than that Proposition 35 was passed, this pre-election article explains why that is a really, really bad thing for sex workers: California’s Prop 35: Targeting The Wrong People For The Wrong Reasons. – Truthout

According to a British study Children are becoming addicted to internet porn, I don’t particularly like the tone of this article but they make some good points about the availability of hardcore porn and young peoples expectations of what sex is – The Sydney Morning Herald

Dan Savage: The Gay Man Who Teaches Straight People How To Have Sex – The Atlantic

Only ‘Yes’ Means Yes: Why Sometimes What You Think Is Consensual Sex Is Actually Rape – Role/Reboot

And finally Lehmiller answers the question Are There Limits to Being Sex Positive – The Psychology Of Human Sexuality

Lehmiller writes his brilliant definition of Sex Positive in this last article and I’m going to post it here for all the TL:DR types:

(1) adopting comprehensive and inclusive definitions of gender and sexual orientation, (2) rejecting narrow definitions about what constitutes sex (e.g., the view that only vaginal intercourse “counts”), (3) giving due consideration to the potential positive and negative consequences of being sexually active, (4) providing people with the information and tools they need to optimize their sexual health and to make healthy decisions, (5) promoting healthy and respectful sexual and romantic relationships, (6) recognizing that monogamy and marriage are not universal relationship goals and ideals, (7) understanding that not everyone is a sexual being and that a lack of sexual desire is not inherently dysfunctional, and (8) respecting people who have different views about sex than you.

What’s On Our Radar 11/02/12

Picking through the internet with a fine toothed comb, some of my favorite sites are less than fully operational thanks to Hurricane Sandy but here’s what I’ve been reading as of late:

Are There More Sex Crimes On Halloween? – The Psychology Of Human Sexuality

Is It Time We All Stopped Coming Out? Probably not but wouldn’t that be nice – Vice

Relationship With Dad Affects Teens’ Sexual Behaviour. Not as creepy as it sounds – Yahoo! News

Confessions of a Formerly Sexist Man – Daily Life

And lastly Tales From the Friend Zone: REALLY Just Friends! – Science Of Relationships