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6 Ways In Which The Clitoris And The Penis Are Pretty Much The Same Thing

The penis and the clitoris are two sides to the same coin. When in the womb, biology flips that coin and we usually grow male physical characteristics or female physical characteristics. Before puberty the only one of these physical differences that makes itself known is the genitals. But the genitals aren’t as different as they may appear. The penis and the clitoris are formed out of the same material in the womb and perform much of the same functions outside of the womb. The major differences between the two are the fact that the penis is bigger and lives mostly outside the body, where as the much smaller clitoris extends most of it’s shaft within the body. The penis also contains the opening of the urethra from which urine is expelled.

The evidence of the similarities between the two goes much further than that however:

1. The clitoris and the penis are the primary erogenous zones for women and men respectively, that is, they are the sources of the most erotic focus and sensation. The clitoris is the only organ in the human body with the sole function of pleasure.

2. Women and men are both born with foreskin. The clitoral hood, or the skin that rests over the clitoris is made from the same stuff as the oft removed male foreskin.

3. Women get erections. The corpora cavernosa, or the part that fills with blood and causes the penis to enlarge, does the same in the clitoris causing it to swell, usually during sexual arousal, but like men, it can sometimes just happen.

4. Just like men, women get nocturnal erections and sometimes even morning wood. Throughout the night women’s clitorises become erect and are often erect upon first waking (morning hood?).

5. Clitorises also lose their erection after orgasm although it may take a fair bit more time than it would for men.

6.  Some women suffer from a kind priapism, or persistant erection, called clitorism in which the clitoris becomes repeatedly erect causing extreme discomfort and pain, as can happen to men.

Like penises, clitorises (clitori?) come in all shapes and sizes and like penises they are exceptionally sensitive. They don’t really look the same from the outside but as with most things to do with sex/gender, the similarities outweigh the differences.

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According To Our Friend Science, Fall Is The Season Of Sex (Go Figure)

So once again it is officially the fall, a time of year characterized by midterms, rain and barely there halloween costumes. Is it any wonder that it’s the time we seem to have the most sex? Conventional wisdom would have us believe that spring and summer would be the big sexy sex months what with all the birds and bees etc. But a recent study has shown that the fall is the time when both male sex hormones and female sex hormones tend to peak.

The biological rationale behind it is pretty sound. Firstly people get depressed when the weather changes and what better way  to get  a natural dopamine kick than a good old fashioned romp in the leaves. Evolutionarily speaking it makes sense too, babies conceived in the fall will be born at a time when the sun is out, making Vitamin D synthesis easier. This helps the babies grow strong bones and immune systems.

So next time someone tells you about Spring Flings and Summer Love you can tell them about F**king Fall.

Via Business Insider


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