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China Discovers Sex Online as Porn Invades Social Media

It seems as though the Chinese government is having a hard time controlling the internet despite it’s numerous firewalls. More and more Chinese internet users are using social networking sites and GPS based apps to meet sex partners.

The difference is that modern China has embraced social media, and this technological innovation is fueling a sexual revolution the government is unable to stifle. Like their Western counterparts, Chinese are using microblogs and GPS-based apps to learn about sexuality, talk about sex and, yes, hook up.

What’s more is that Chinese “Netizens” are getting a much needed sex education from these social networks and micro-blogs. A fact that we at The “Oh!” Face think is awesome!

Not only has social media given him a cram course in sex education, it’s dispelled the government-touted myth that his countrymen are far more chaste than, say, the Japanese, who are renowned for their myriad, if pixelated, perversions.

If China is going to take a leading role in world affairs I am glad to know that the next generation of Chinese citizens and hopefully leaders will be more and more open sexually.

Both users and analysts see social media as creating a wider space for the discussion of sexuality in China. “Weibo gives people the freedom to express themselves and find others who like the same things,” said Wei Xiaogang, director of the Beijing Gender & Health Education Institute. “The younger generation is much more open. Just log onto Weibo after midnight and you can see everything.”

Via The Daily Beast


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