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The History Of Condoms

Condoms have been around in one form or another since ancient times. They have since become the most widely available form of contraception and when used properly can be up to 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. They are also the most important tool at our disposal for preventing the spread of STIs. If you have 8 mins take the time and check out this very engaging and entertaining documentary on The History of Condoms:

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Condoms Don’t Make Sex Feel Any Worse, Science Told Me So

I’ve heard a lot of guys claim that they don’t wear condoms regularly because it makes sex feel worse. They don’t experience as much pleasure during sex when they wear a condom compared to when they don’t. Wel, science has officially called bullshit! A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that “sexual arousal, ease of erection, overall pleasure and orgasm weren’t much different” between people who wore condoms and who didn’t. So take your lame excuses elsewhere gents.

I have both worn condoms and had unprotected sex and in both cases it was most definitely sex. I became aroused, thrashed around a bit and then came to orgasm. If I was older than 21, my partner probably also climaxed and we went about getting back to whatever it was we were doing. In none of these cases, protected or not, did I experience any more or less pleasure as a result of wearing a condom. And the same seems to be true with pretty much everyone surveyed in this study.

Now there is one issue with this particular study…it was funded by Trojan. Yes, the condom company, Trojan. Yikes! But the head researcher (and one of my favorite sex writers) Debby Herbenick has said that the condom company didn’t influence their findings at all, some of which were not actually in favor of condom use. It turns out that men who didn’t also use lubricant in conjunction with condoms had significantly lower rates of arousal than men who didn’t wear condoms. This was especially the case for men who didn’t use lubricant on their penis before applying the condom.

So the “condoms don’t feel good” crowd were right, sort of. They were right that it didn’t feel good, but it was only because they were doing it wrong. Put some lube on your penis, put your penis in a condom, put some lube on the condom, stop complaining. I’m sorry, but “It doesn’t feel as good” is the shittiest excuse to expose you and your partner to all the risks of unprotected sex. And now we know that it’s not even a valid one.

Read more about the study here

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Durex Condoms’ Terrific Apocalypse Ad Campaign













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Reader Poll: Would Your Porn Watching Habits Change If All Male Porn Actors Had To Wear Condoms?

In this year’s American federal election a referendum will be held in LA in which voters will decide wether or not male porn actors should be legally required to wear condoms during all porn shoots. This little bit of legislature is being referred to as Measure B.

There are arguments to be made on both sides but in the end the voters will decide wether or not you will be watching porn with a new little (or not so little) addition. The porn studios and actors are up in arms about this because they believe that wearing condoms will in some way take away from the experience of their audience. Medical and legal professionals are clearly pro-condom because of the perceived and real medical hazards that all that unprotected porn sex bring about.

The porn industry is making a big push to convince voters not to vote in favor of Measure B but the real vote will occur in the months and years after the election should the measure go through. Should male porn actors be required to wear condoms, would people stop watching porn? Would the watch porn produced in places where condoms are not mandatory? Would they even care? I mean condoms have been a mainstay in gay porn for years with no reduction in viewership that can be attributed to them. So dearest readers I ask you to weigh in.

Would you change your porn watching habits if all of a sudden all the men in the porn you watched were wearing rubbers?

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Rates Of Gonorrhea Are Crazy High Cause No One Wants To Wear A Condom During Oral Sex

Gonorrhea is on the rise in the United States. The Center For Disease Control has claimed that three hundred thousand Americans a year contract it. What they are also saying, however, is that a large proportion of these new cases are due to unprotected oral sex.

The symptoms of gonorrhea are varied. Often it hurts or burns to pee or can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, which can cause women to become infertile. But even though the effects are usually felt between the legs, the easiest way to contract gonorrhea is through fellatio. It gets passed through the throat (saliva can break it down so it is not transmittable through cunnilingus and kissing) so unprotected fellatio is a major risk factor for contracting it.

The problem is, who uses condoms during oral sex? The answer: hardly anyone. People just don’t use condoms when giving/getting head. Men think that it will take away from the pleasure they experience and, for whatever reason, this is a good enough excuse to forgo safety. I’ll admit, I’ve never met someone who told me that they used condoms during oral sex. I’ve never used condoms during oral sex. A lot of people who are way majorly sexual health conscious have a total mental block when it comes to oral transmission of STIs. There’s a whole, “It’ll never happen to me,” attitude that a lot of us are guilty of.

But what is going to change to make us all practice safer oral sex? Do the condom manufacturers need to develop special condoms specifically for oral sex. How about using some water based lube inside a slightly bigger condom and a lot of checking to make sure that the condom is on properly throughout the session. I doubt that any of these sound as appealing as condom-less oral sex but not spreading gonorrhea is a pretty appealing thing too.

So again, what will it take to make safer oral sex practices more common place? I don’t really know but something has to change (hint: it might be our attitudes).

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The One Handed Condom Wrapper

This is amazing. Why did this take so long?

‘The One Handed Condom Wrapper’—brainchild of London based designer Ben Pawle—could be the long awaited answer to fumbling lovers’ cries across the globe, and is, perhaps, the biggest coup for seamless love making since the days of bra burning.

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Best Condom On The Market

Sex educator and researcher Debby Herbenik has gone to the trouble of finding out wich condom on the market is the best and why.

Why did they like this condom better? Trojan Ecstasy condoms are shaped like a baseball bat, giving more room throughout the condom while still maintaining a snug base so that a man can feel that the condom’s still on and hasn’t slipped off. Because a man’s penis is rich in nerve endings – especially at the glans (head) – a too-tight feeling along the shaft and head can dull sensation. On the other hand, snugness around the base allows men to relax, confident in the knowledge that they and their partner are protected.There’s also a bit of lube inside and outside the condom (most lubricated condoms only have lubricated exteriors). The lubricated interior can make wearing a condom more pleasurable and natural-feeling. And the lubricated outside? That helps make it more pleasurable yet help keep the condom in one piece, even with all that friction.

She’s also got you covered as to what the best condoms are if condoms are far too small or too big for you, if you’re allergic to latex or if you’re looking to last a bit longer.

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Most Americans Want Sex Ed For Their Teens

It turns out that a majority of Americans want their kids to learn about contraceptive use and birth control as well as abstinence. The catch? Most of American teens admit to being grossly uneducated about condom and birth control use. It seems as though the math is simple, no?

Bill Albert, chief program officer at the National Campaign, says one of the key takeaways from the survey is that, contrary to abstinence-only rhetoric, Americans are “quite practical.” “The cottage industry that has pitted advocacy groups on one side or the other of the abstinence-contraception divide is simply not shared by most of the public,”

I’m not one to get into politics or religion so…

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Moratorium on Porn Filming Due to Syphilis Outbreak

There has been a nation wide moratorium (link) on porn filming that has just been announced in the United States due to an actor who has allegedly been shooting scenes for weeks while having knowingly tested positive for Syphilis. Naturally this has sparked outrage in the porn community and will likely reignite the “condoms in porn” debate also.

Over the weekend, the Free Speech Coalition (FSC), the lobbying group for the adult industry that also established porn’s STD-testing protocol and database, called for a nationwide moratorium on shooting. While the moratorium is voluntary, it is expected that porn producers represented by the association will adhere to it. The FSC is working with doctors to determine the length of the hiatus, and to arrange for syphilis testing of performers who may have been exposed to the disease.

For more on the new law in LA requiring porn actors to wear condoms click here and here.

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