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The History Of Condoms

Condoms have been around in one form or another since ancient times. They have since become the most widely available form of contraception and when used properly can be up to 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. They are also the most important tool at our disposal for preventing the spread of STIs. If you have 8 mins take the time and check out this very engaging and entertaining documentary on The History of Condoms:

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Scientists Working On Crazy New Discrete Female Condom Made Out Of Nano-Fabric…Or Something

Admittedly, this one is a little over my head. Scientists at the University of Washington published an article detailing their new idea for a female condom that protects against both unwanted pregnancy and HIV. It uses a method called electrospinning which is basically nano-knitting. Its a way of using an electric field to create extremely fine fibers with varying degrees of strength, shape and solubility. Because they are soluble and so versatile these fibers may turn out to be the best delivery method for contraceptive medicines.

So basically they make a really thin condom but its make up is able to both physically stop sperm and release chemicals that can kill sperm and stop the spread of STIs. Now, not everyone is super trigger happy to put a bunch of anti-HIV drugs in their system but presumably people who’s partners are HIV positive are going to love this idea and also it would stand to reason that they wouldn’t all have to have a chemical component if they also create a physical barrier.

The fibers can be made to dissolve quickly to create an immediate barrier or over the course of a few days in a sort of slow release birth control kinda way. If this thing goes into development (and it looks like it will because Bill and Melinda Gates have already thrown a million bucks at it) it’s impossible to know if people will actually use it. The major up side is that this is a contraceptive that protects against STIs that is in the hands of women and, as I’ve said in the past, this is something that women should take advantage of.

New advances in the field of sexual health are always interesting but not necessarily worth holding your breath for. There are ways that are available right now to take control of your sexual health, not the least of wich is educating yourself and communicating with your partners. So until the nano-bots are swimming through our bloodstream and eating up our disease we should probably get to know what is available to us in the here and now. Future sex will have to wait for the world of tomorrow true believers.

Via University Of Washington


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Female Condoms: The Wonder Contraceptive That No One Takes Srsly

The Female Condom (FC)is a pretty alien looking thing. Let’s be honest it looks like an empty intravenous bag or something equally unsexy. But if we’re being honest, male condoms aren’t particularly sexy looking either. So why do so few people use female condoms?

They are quite literally the only HIV/STI prevention device that puts the power of protection squarely in the hands of women. The problem, as silly as it seems, is that they’re big and ugly. It’s true. Women and men alike don’t like to use FC because they aren’t discrete and have a big ring hanging out and around the vulva.

What’s not being said about this ugly ring of synthetic material is that it is a highly effective form of HPV an Herpes prevention. HPV and Herpes are both spread through skin-skin contact and traditional condoms just don’t prevent their spreading. Oh and the other thing about that ugly ring on the outside…it can feel really good when it starts rubbing up against your clit during intercourse. So there!

An other barrier keeping people from using the FC is that…well…they don’t know how to use it. We suggest that if you are considering starting to use FC, to grab a few at your local clinic or drug store and spend some time alone or with your partner learning exactly how to insert and remove them and what feels best for you.

Female Condoms empower women to be in total control of their bodies in the sexual arena. They also allow for greater STI protection for both partners and might even be more pleasurable. So get yourself educated about this alternative to traditional contraception. You might have just found your new favorite way to be safe and have fun.

For more information on the Female Condom and Female Condom 2 please check out FC2SF and the Planned Parenthood websites. They are really great sources of information and tutorials.


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