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Are Robots The Future Of Sex?

So these days with all this new fangled gadgetry and computers you wear like glasses it’s hard not to feel like we’re getting closer and closer to THE FUTURE! It looks more and more like robots are going to be a part of our lives in the coming decades and like all new technologies the first thing that they’re going to be widely utilized for is…well probably war… but the second thing will be sex. I’m serious, I genuinely think that having sex with robots will become a very mainstream practice before I die. And why not? It will be a safe and satisfying way to masturbate that will open up avenues of fantasy and role-play that require a very open, comunicative and willing “meat partner” to accomplish these days. And Besides, as the video says, tons of us already do have sex with robots, we just don’t think about it that way. That vibrator in your drawer and that flesh light that you “don’t have,” are little, rudimentary robots.

If we’re cool with having sex with disembodied robot penises and vaginas whats wrong with adding on the rest of the body? I think we can all agree that sex is much more than penis and vagina. Plus robots will make certain impossible fantasies possible. Did you know that there are some people who’s biggest fantasy is to have sex with a mythical creature like a goblin or a centaur. With robotic sexual partners they can have a “realistic” experience with the creature of their dreams, instead of having to imagine it during sex with their mundane, human partner.

I’m being quite tongue in cheek here but I seriously believe that robots could change the game for human sexuality and that robotic sexuality will have far reaching effects. Obviously some people will become obsessed with robot sex, believing that they have fallen in love with their inanimate partners and forgoing all human sexual contact, that is just going to happen no matter what. And some people (cough, religious fundamentalists) are going to condemn it as heresy and blasphemy, but some good will come from it too, I believe.

People with disabilities need sexual fulfilment too, and the sad reality is that in this day and age it is not easy for everyone with disabilities to find sexual partners. With prostitution illegal in most parts of the world and stigma around disability so great, this is, in my opinion, one of the tragedies of sexuality of our time. It’s not hard to see how robots could help in this regard. Sex workers may not be pleased, though. Robots could put a large proportion of sex workers out of business. I’m not suggesting that people will prefer robots to the real thing 100% of the time, but eventually they will become cheaper and safer than their organic counterparts.

My final point is controversial, or at least it would be if this were a conversation being had in our society today. I believe that it is possible that robots may be useful for helping people with pedophilia, who do not want to abuse children, live out their fantasies much like the centaur fetishists mentioned above. I’m sure this issue will come up if there is ever a day in which we have functional sex robots, and I’m sure the issue will be a hot one. I am not a child assault and torture apologist but there is some research to claim that pedophilia should be viewed as a sexual orientation like heterosexuality or homosexuality. If this is the case then I believe that robots may be a compassionate way of acknowledging that, without condoning real harm. I hope that in the future, if I become a more prominent writer someone doesn’t dig this up and crucify me for it. I know that this is and will continue to be a controversial idea but at this point in time, in 2013, it looks like it could be a fruitful option. Anyway, thats my rant about robots. I apologize for it’s tangential nature, it was very much an unfiltered stream of consciousness, but it’s a concept that I see endless possibility in. Until next time True Believer.

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Cuckold Fetish: When A Man Wants His Girlfriend To Cheat On Him

The word cuckold is an old timey word to describe a man who’s wife is cheating on him. It’s not really used in that same way anymore but this old definition of a cuckold does a fair bit to explain the word in terms of the cuckold fetish.

A person with a cuckold fetish is typically a man who gets aroused by the idea or reality of his significant other sleeping with someone else. Typically in a cuckold sexual relationship the woman is dominant and the man is submissive. There can be a humiliation aspect involved for some men in which they also like to be verbally abused or told that the other man is better in bed than they are. This is not always the case though. The woman, however, sometimes has full control over when and if the cuckold can have sex, in some cases the cuckold is completely celibate while the woman is free to sleep with other partners. It is also not necessary for her partners to be male.

This fetish is most commonly found in men in heterosexual relationships but it isn’t unheard of for women to have this same fetish too. A female cuckold is referred to as a cuckquean, where as the significant other of a cuckold is sometimes called a cuckoldress or hotwife.

There is a certain amount of room in this particular fetish for disfunction. If it comes about in one’s relationship because one’s significant other actually was cheating and the cuckold just let it go because it turned him on, this could lead to problems down the road. This, like all relationship things, requires a ton of good communication. Often people cheat because of a communication breakdown in a relationship, so already this is not the best place from which to start exploring the cuckold fetish.

It should be noted that cuckolding is not the same as swinging or having a threesome, although in some instances the woman will have sex with someone else while the cuckold is in the room. Sometimes the cuckold will do “clean up” duty in which he performs cunnilingus or anilingus on his significant other after she has had sex with another man in order to clean up after him.

Cuckold fetishists are pretty common as far as kinks and fetishes go. It can be a very healthy, fun and exciting way to express your sexuality as a couple and gives men and women an great opportunity to reverse the traditional heterosexual power dynamic.

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