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Straight Men Who Watch Porn Are More Likely To Support Gay Marriage

It’s official, porn is the Devil! How else could you explain the results of this latest study? The study states that heterosexual men who watch pornography are more likely to support same-sex marriage. And it’s not just rich, educated, elite porn watchers either. It appears that the most marked shift in attitudes can be found in less educated straight men. So what is it about watching porn that these researchers think is affecting the attitudes of straight guys?

The study believes that exposure to “nontraditional sex situations,” as seen in porn is opening the minds of straight men across America. Basically, watching all the weird and kinky shit that is available on the internet has desensitized straight guys icky-meter. It’s hard to be grossed out by the thought of two men kissing and getting married in a post two-girls-one-cup world (mom, go ahead and don’t google that).

“Pornography adopts an individualistic, nonjudgmental stance on all kinds of nontraditional sexual behaviors and same-sex marriage attitudes are strongly linked to attitudes about same-sex sex,” says Paul Wright, Assistant Professor at Indiana University, “If people think individuals should be able to decide for themselves whether to have same-sex sex, they will also think that individuals should be able to decide for themselves whether to get married to a partner of the same-sex.” I feel like this really highlights why people are opposed to same-sex marriage. People don’t like it because they think it’s gross, which is, in and of itself, gross. It has very little to do with Jesus. When people refer to gay sex as an abomination, what they’re really saying is, “You guys put what, where?! Gross!”

In conclusion, watching porn is a good way to get over your prudish attitudes about what people should and shouldn’t do in the privacy of their own bedroom/Volkswagen. Porn can teach you that people do a lot of weird shit that is none of your business and that, well, it’s none of  your business. So all you anti-same-sex marriage bigots can go home and watch some porn and we’ll talk once you’ve come out of the closet, everyone else, enjoy your weekend.


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My Favorite Rant In Defence Of Gay Marriage

I have tried for the most part to steer clear of political issues, but this is just a great rant: