What’s On Our Radar 02/23/12

Turn’s out there’s been a fair bit on the radar this week:

First off, Tricia Romano asks Is Bi The Last Taboo? – The Daily Beast

Penis Enlargement: Why It’s A Big Ball Of DON’T is this weeks best title – Em & Lo

Breaking the stereotypes of exotic dancers in 4 Things You Should Know About Women Who Strip – Alternet

11 Works Of Sexology That Will Blow Your Mind (With Science) is the definitive collection of sexological writing in my humble opinion – io9

Great news: More Elite Colleges Are Covering Sex-Change Surgery And Other Transgender Student Needs – Jezebel

Why Do Straight Women And Gay Men Get Along So Well? Asks Lehmiller – The Psychology Of Human Sexuality

Spiritual Women Have More Sex, Study Finds, the same doesn’t appear to be true for men, however – NBCNEWS

What Does Feminist Porn Look Like? – Role/Reboot

And finally, Tracy Clark-Flory, resident sex writer at Salon, interviewes Cheryl Cohen Greene, the sex surrogate who inspired the Oscar nominated film The Sessions:

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